Direct Power based Sliding Mode Control of AC-DC Converter with Reduced THD

2018 Tehnički Vjesnik  
Direct Power based Sliding Mode (DPSMC) control for controlling single phase AC-DC pre regulator assuring unity power factor and stable output voltage under load variation is proposed in this paper. Direct Power Based Control (DPC) commonly applied for three phase circuits, is combined with Sliding mode control (SMC) to control and regulate the single-phase AC-DC pre regulator. The proposed DPSMC apart from being simple to design and robust to parameter variations also helps in reducing the
more » ... in reducing the line current distortion inherent to AC-DC Converters. The design of the proposed power based sliding mode control along with its existence condition is discussed. The performance of the proposed method over conventional sliding mode control is assessed through computer simulations and the feasibility of the proposed controller is confirmed through experimental implementation carried out with the help of LabVIEW and sbRIO FPGA development board.
doi:10.17559/tv-20160418084749 fatcat:e3xbztvk4vgo7bpz5spefe5ju4