Challenges Faced By Parent Due To the Presence of Mentally Handicapped Person in the Family

Dr. Meeta, Mukherjee, Dr. Vijay, Shignapure
2016 International Journal of Indian Psychology  
Substance dependence is a chronic and highly prevalent condition leading to dysfunction in personal, occupational and social area that can occur during periods of heavy alcohol consumption and even following treatment. According to WHO estimates in year 2010, 3.4-6.6 per cent of the world's population in age group of 15-64 had used an illicit substance at least once in their life (WHO, 2012). Illicit drug use globally led deaths in range of 99,000 to 253,000 in the year 2010 (WHO, 2012). Recent
more » ... (WHO, 2012). Recent report of WHO (2014) suggests that 38.3% of the global population consume alcohol and on an average, an individual over 15 years of age consume 6.2 litres of alcohol annually. Thus drug dependence has become a worldwide crisis as it is associated with adverse social and economic consequences as well as physical and mental illness.
doi:10.25215/0303.026 fatcat:div6grczybcdzbdmyw7pr3b76q