1893 Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers  
AT the time when it was decided to construct a railway across the Ewaja Amran range, on the Afghanistan frontier of India, three rival projects were under consideration; and it was a t first regarded as an objection to the route finally selected, that the tunnel, which formed its chief feature, would require three years in construction. The Government of India deemed it t o be of paramount importance to establish railway communication across the range at a considerably earlier date. Under the
more » ... r date. Under the circumstances, and pending the completion of the tunnel, it was determined to construct a temporary railway, rapidly and cheaply, over the mountains, and the inclines about to be described formed part of this work. The completion of the tunnel has necessarily been followed by the dismantling of the temporary inclines, which, owing to their steep gradients and diversity of system, exhibit some features of interest; and the details of their construction, their cost, and working expenses, may be worth placing on record before they are forgotten. Their object was twofold : first t o facilitate the conveyance of machinery and stores for the western end of the tunnel, and to expedite the extension of the railway beyond i t ; and, secondly, as a military: precaution, to provide for the conveyance of troops and military stores to the front in case of need. It was deemed essential that, whatever system was adopted, it should be possible to transport intact broadgauge ( 5 feet 6 inches) locomotives, wagons loaded with stores, and other rolling stock for a possible advance. When submitting the scheme, the points which had to be borne in mind were therefore :-(l) That, as the lines were to be used for three years only, they must be constructed as cheaply and as quickly as possible ; (2) that they should be of broad gauge throughout; (3) that the inclines should be able to carry the heaviest broad-gauge locomotives and rolling stock; (4) that, in order to avoid delay through obtaining plant and appliances Downloaded by [ UNIVERSITY OF IOWA LIBRARIES] on [14/09/16].
doi:10.1680/imotp.1893.20036 fatcat:fmp3tbolgzgl5fszc3ahm7vgxe