Diagrammatic Monte Carlo procedure for the spin-charge transformed Hubbard model

Johan Carlström
2018 Physical review B  
Using a dual representation of lattice fermion models that is based on spin-charge transformation and fermionisation of the original description, I derive an algorithm for diagrammatic Monte Carlo simulation of strongly correlated systems. This scheme allows eliminating large expansion parameters, as well as large corrections to the density matrix that generally prevent diagrammatic methods from being efficient in this regime. As an example, I compute the filling factor for the Hubbard model at
more » ... infinite onsite repulsion and compare the results to controllable data obtained from Numerical Linked Cluster Expansion. I find excellent agreement between the two methods, as well as rapid convergence of the diagrammatic series. I also report results for the momentum distribution and kinetic energy of the electrons.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.97.075119 fatcat:gbpfv7yirrgptfphrkk325453y