Performance of Acacia senegal (L.) Wild Seedlings Growth under some Tree Manures and NPK Fertilizers in Nursery Site

Daldoum Mohamed A. Daldoum, Ghassan Habib Hammad
2015 Journal of Forest and Environmental Science  
This study aimed to assess the effects of tree manures in comparison with NPK fertilizer on growth of Acacia senegal seedlings. It was conducted in the nursery of the Faculty of Forestry, University of Khartoum, Shambat (Lat.: 15 o 39′ 387″ N and Long.: 32 o 30′ 871″ E), during August 2008 and January 2009. The growing media were prepared by mixing ground foliage of trees with sandy soil (weight/volume) as follows, Albizia lebbeck (AL): 25 g, 50 g and 75 g; Azadirachta indica (AZ): 25 g, 50 g
more » ... (AZ): 25 g, 50 g and 75 g; Khaya senegalensis (KH): 25 g, 50 g and 75 g; NPK fertilizer: 30 g per seedling. Albizia lebbeck and Azadirachta indica manures and NPK fertilizer have stimulated the Acacia senegal seed germination percentage in comparison with the control, with respective values of 89, 82.7, 81 and 71%. Khaya senegalensis manure has suppressed the Acacia senegal seed germination percentage with a value of only 49%. Effects of treatments on the seedlings growth parameters varied in the following percentages, in comparison to the control, shoot height: AZ 62.9%, AL 46%, KH 9.9% and NPK 27.8%; root length: AZ 25.8%, AL 31.5%, KH 30.6% and NPK 4.4%; diameter: AZ 75.2%, AL 37.1%, KH 34.3% and NPK 20%; Shoot biomass: AZ 319%, AL 195.2%, KH 57.1% and NPK 42.9%; root biomass: AZ 288.9%, AL 116.7%, KH 55.6% and NPK 16.7%%; . Thus, the effectiveness of the used substrates on the growth performance of Acacia senegal seedlings occurred in the following descending order: Azadirachta indica> Albizia lebbeck>Khaya senegalensis>NPK fertilizer. These results assert clearly the ameliorative and fertilizing characteristics of tree manures that can be reliably used for raising seedlings stocks in the nurseries.
doi:10.7747/jfes.2015.31.4.303 fatcat:yx6kcarbandrrdsjj4zwnp5rna