Development of sanitary-protection zones and sanitation gaps for the kuibyshev railway within the boundaries of settlements

Svetlana Teplykh, Pavel Gorshkalev, Mikhail Chernosvitov, V. Murgul
2017 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Nowadays it is quite relevant to work on projects development and projects coordination of sanitary protection zones (SPZ) and sanitation gaps (SG). It is explained by mutual proximity of objects of regulation and objects of the Kuybyshev railroad within the boundaries of settlements in a dense residential development. The aim of this work is to attract attention of project organizations and design contractors to the minimum limitations of SPZ and SG (according to existing standards and
more » ... andards and regulations) as far as the factor of noise is concerned. This factor has the most tangible impact for the population. Meanwhile, there is no express reference in these documents to the cases of exceeding maximum permissible levels of noise (MPL) and to the cases of SPZ and SG crossings by several enterprises. The paper shows the results of mathematical calculations of the spread of noise from railway with and without noise screens on different test sites. The authors come to the conclusion that the existing regulations do not provide clear guidance in cases where there is an excess of physical factors of influence on the air (noise, etc.), taking into account the background, or crossings of SPZ borders and SG by several groups of enterprises. Therefore, the question whether standardized territory, (housing in particular) lies within the boundaries of SPZ (SG) of the railway or this territory is within the object of regulation boundaries is settled by court of law.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201710607019 fatcat:hvlleczcdfadjc5po4czfmtzsa