John C. Wise, Ryan Vander Poppen, Rufus Isaacs
2009 Arthropod Management Tests  
Blueberry budmite (BBM): Acalitus vaccinii Riley This study was conducted at the MSU Trevor Nichol Research Complex in a Rubel blueberry planting (Blueberry 1), a variety that is highly susceptible to budmite attack. Insecticides were applied with a tractor-mounted FMC 1029 airblast sprayer calibrated to deliver 50 gpa at 2.5 mph. Plots consisted of 12 bushes (within a row) of 15-yr-old blueberries, with a spacing of 4 ft by 12 ft. No foliar maintenance pesticides were applied to the test plots
more » ... d to the test plots during the trial; Rely and Solicam were banded under bushes for weed control. A pretreatment evaluation was conducted on 21 Aug, and test materials were applied 28 Aug. A budmite evaluation was made on 18 Sep (Table 1 .) by collecting 10 blueberry shoots from the center of each plot and examining 3 buds per shoot with a dissecting microscope for budmite presence. Data are presented as % shoots infested and as % infested buds. While actual counts are presented, ANOVA was run on arcsine square-root transformed data. Transformed treatment means were analyzed using ANOVA and means separation by LSD at P = 0.05.
doi:10.4182/amt.2009.c11 fatcat:n7xfzvanwvcplkv4iafxvl4sga