William C. Moore and Company [catalog] [book]

1919 unpublished
Orchard at Rimer, Pa., ready for setting Plum tree rows at our Nursery farms of acres devoted to growing our complete assortment. Apples T HE varieties described below are the best known in cultivation, their value having been well proved by thorough tests. The list comprises our principal stock of apples. Our nurseries are in the very best tree-growing section to be found, where the good constitution and great hardiness of wood in the young tree is attained by a much slower growth than the
more » ... growth than the rushing overgrowth of some portions of our country. In our Price List we present a list specially selected for the extreme hardiness of the tree and the excellence of the fruit-varieties that can be depended upon to produce fruit of fine quality, in abundance, in the cold sections. RIPENING-The season of the year when the fruit is fully ripe and at its best to use, is indicated by the letter S for summer season, A for autumn season, W for winter season, together with the particular months of that season. This is the time of maturity in the western part of New York State; will vary north and south.
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