Systematic Review on the Effects, Roles and Methods of Magnetic Particle Coatings in Magnetorheological Materials

Siti Khumaira Mohd Jamari, Nur Azmah Nordin, Ubaidillah, Siti Aishah Abdul Aziz, Nurhazimah Nazmi, Saiful Amri Mazlan
2020 Materials  
Magnetorheological (MR) material is a type of magneto-sensitive smart materials which consists of magnetizable particles dispersed in a carrier medium. Throughout the years, coating on the surface of the magnetic particles has been developed by researchers to enhance the performance of MR materials, which include the improvement of sedimentation stability, enhancement of the interaction between the particles and matrix mediums, and improving rheological properties as well as providing extra
more » ... providing extra protection against oxidative environments. There are a few coating methods that have been employed to graft the coating layer on the surface of the magnetic particles, such as atomic transfer radical polymerization (ATRP), chemical oxidative polymerization, and dispersion polymerization. This paper investigates the role of particle coating in MR materials with the effects gained from grafting the magnetic particles. This paper also discusses the coating methods employed in some of the works that have been established by researchers in the particle coating of MR materials.
doi:10.3390/ma13235317 pmid:33255343 fatcat:o5y2zkyybfgxfm3z7zrosp6qla