Soil-plant characteristics in an age sequence of coronilla varia l. plantations along embankments

Y Li, Z Gao
2016 Journal of soil science and plant nutrition  
Objectives: Coronilla varia L., a leguminous herb, is widely used in vegetation restoration programs on road embankments to enhance soil nutrients. Our hypothesis is that, under identical climatic conditions, plant and soil properties are determined by the slope aspect and stand age of legume plantations. Methods: We collected soil samples and investigated plant diversity in an age sequence of 0-, 4-, 10-and 20-year-old C. varia L. plantations and natural grasslands. Results: Stand age, rather
more » ... han slope aspect, was found to be the main factor influencing the soil and plant feedback on the embankments. Planting C. varia L. on the embankments could enhance soil nutrients and improve the soil quality to the level of a natural grassland after 20 years of plantation. The plant diversity and species number were steady after C. varia L. had been established for 10 years. Conclusions: Planting C. varia L. on embankments is an effective method for enhancing soil nutrients and maintaining ecosystem stability in the Guanzhong Basin, China.
doi:10.4067/s0718-95162016005000015 fatcat:3sszl733qbdu3bcca7i3zycg4q