Siniša Savatović, Ratko Salatić, Zoran Mišković
2019 Zbornik Radova Građevinskog Fakulteta  
The paper presents an analysis of the influence of vehicle speed movement along bridge on dynamic amplification factor for the case of simply supported, continuous and clamped beam structural system. The analysis was conducted analytically and numerically. Theoretical expressions was developed for the case of movement a concentrated force over the bridge over simply supported beam structural system, while other cases were analyzed numerically. Two cases, movement of concentrated force and
more » ... ted force and system of concentrated forces were considered. The comparative results for the most unfavorable case, with the valid domestic and foreign regulations, compared and presented. The results showed that it is a more unfavorable case when vehicles are moving at higher speeds on short-span bridges, as well as that one concentrated force produces greater dynamic effects than a system of concentrated forces, as well as the simply supported beam system is the most sensitive on dynamic loads respect to other structural systems.
doi:10.14415/konferencijagfs2019.014 fatcat:oebu4dzyqfdznauhb32uxqgcoe