Establishment of a Rapid Plant Regeneration System in Physalis angulata L. through Axillary Meristems

2015 Notulae Scientia Biologicae  
An optimal plant propagation method of Physalis angulata L., a medicinally important herbaceous plant species has been developed using axillary meristem explants. Shoot bud proliferation was initiated from axillary meristem explants cultured on MS medium supplemented with various concentrations of 0.5-2.5mg/L/(BAP)/(Zeatin)/(KIN). The maximum in vitro response of shooting frequency of explants (88.1%) and shoots per explant (42) was achieved with medium containing 1.0mg/L BAP. Multiple shoot
more » ... . Multiple shoot culture was established by repeated subculturing of the shoot buds of axillary meristems on shoot multiplication medium. Among the subculture media BAP in combination with 1.5mg/L (IAA)+0.25mg/L(GA 3 ) produced maximum shoots per explant (128±0.29) after two weeks of culture. Effective in vitro shoot elongation and rooting was achieved on 1.0mg/L(GA 3 ) and 1.0mg/L(IBA), respectively. Most of the generated shoots were successfully transferred to soil under field conditions. The survival percentage of the transferred plants on soil was found to be 90 per cent. This protocol can be used for commercial propagation and for future genetic improvement studies.
doi:10.15835/nsb.7.4.9707 fatcat:b2bfnsjusjaphd7jtfw326v42y