Aquadest Production System as Steam Turbine Bottom Cycle I: Influence of Pressure of Cooling Water Tank and Pinch Point Temperature Difference of Condenser

Engkos Achmad Kosasih, Ahmad Alfan Farizi, Rizal Ibnu Wahid, E.A. Setiawan, E. Kusrini, A. Yatim, F.H. Juwono
2018 E3S Web of Conferences  
The condenser heat from the steam turbine system is discharged into the environment in a way that is likely to damage the environment. This paper simulates a system that produces aquadest with throttled 10% water of condenser output to the cooling water tank with vacuum pressure so as to produce water vapor. This water vapor is condensed in a cooling machine to produce aquadest. The cold water coming out of the cooling water tank is mixed with cooling water from the sea so the temperature is
more » ... e temperature is lower causing the condenser output water to be lower temperature (more environmentally friendly). This simulation varies the pressure of cooling water tanks and Pinch Points Temperature Difference (PPTD) of condenser. From the simulation it is found that the higher the pressure of the cooling water tank causes Specific Aquadest Production (SAP), and Energy Consumtion (EC) is getting smaller. The smaller PPTD leads to Specific Aquadest Production (SAP), Specific Energy Consumtion (SEC) and Energy Consumtion (EC) getting smaller. This simulation has the best result that is able to produce aquadest as much as 0.0133 [kg/s], increase the efficiency of steam power plant by 0.21%, and lower condenser water temperature by 0.9 o C.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20186704008 fatcat:qcybdkrjrrg5touhdyj5xkdpqi