Physical and economical aspects of Pu multiple recycling on the basis of REMIX reprocessing technology in thermal reactors

Pavel S. Teplov, Pavel N. Alekseev, Evgeniy A. Bobrov, Alexander V. Chibinyaev
2016 EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies  
The basic strategy of Russian nuclear energy is propagation of a closed fuel cycle on the basis of fast breeder and thermal reactors, as well as the solution of the spent nuclear fuel accumulation and resource problems. The three variants of multiple Pu and U recycling in Russian pressurized water reactor concept reactors on the basis of REgenerated MIXture of U, Pu oxides (REMIX) reprocessing technology are considered in this work. The REMIX fuel is fabricated from an unseparated mixture of
more » ... rated mixture of uranium and plutonium obtained during spent fuel reprocessing with further makeup by enriched natural U or reactor grade Pu. This makes it possible to recycle several times the total amount of Pu obtained from the spent fuel. The main difference in Pu recycling is the concept of 100% or partial fuel loading of the core. The third variant is heterogeneous composition of enriched uranium and uranium-plutonium mixed oxide fuel pins in one fuel assembly. It should be noted that all fuel assemblies with Pu require the involvement of expensive technologies during manufacturing. These three variants of the full core loadings can be balanced on zero Pu accumulation in the cycle. The various physical and economical aspects of Pu and U multiple recycling in selected variants are observed in the given work. *
doi:10.1051/epjn/2016034 fatcat:qfnlsukr7rgazlxwjsevy7fola