The preliminary investigation of application of Morita therapy in China

Xuelong Jin, Feifei Wang
2011 Journal of brain science  
Obiective: ln order to find problems and provide reference for the standard ization of application of Morita therapy in China, we preliminarily investigated the overview of how Morita therapy was taken in China. Object and method: Questionnaire survey was performed to inquiry eight representative medical institutions which had department of psychiatry by sending e-maii and ass]gning person during half year, The questionnaire was completed by psychiatric physicians. Result[ Dur[ng the half year,
more » ... r[ng the half year, aH medical institutions have adopted Morita therapy and used the method of diary therapy, and accompanied drugs. Im the clinic Morita therapy, the maximum frequency was up to 20 times during a se$sion, while the general was between 4 to 20 times. The longest treatment period per time of Morita therapy was 1 to 2 hours accounting for 62.5% of all institutions.
doi:10.20821/jbs.36.0_87 fatcat:mqiqd7v4efc4riuh2vodm45clq