Implementation of a Simple Document Repository System

Kazuaki Kajitori, Kunimasa Aoki
2016 International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science  
Document repository systems have been developed actively for decades and have become quite popular on the internet. Now we can recognize several typical types of document repositories and find the fulltext-search functionality as a useful search method for document repositories, so we think it has some significance to show as a mile stone an implementation scheme which covers basic types and functionality of the current document repositories which have full-text-search functionality. The basic
more » ... onality. The basic functions covered by our scheme are: to create, read, update, delete (so called CRUD) of documents and a session control with an optional authentication. We present a description for each part of CRUD of our scheme. We implemented a library according to our scheme and developed small document repositories using the library. Our repository library and its applications form web applications whose script language is Perl. The implementation loosely follows the MVC (Model, View, Control) model for modularity and each MVC part of the library and its application named TEST are described. We also present a description of another application of our library which the author is conducting in the department he belongs to. We show some views of these applications. We conclude that our library works fine for the needs of building small repositories in a short time.
doi:10.5815/ijmecs.2016.09.02 fatcat:i6wkjsml2nbuflsc3c6ya4dmie