S. W. Wilson
1905 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
D THSI JOUrrNL CORRESPONDENCE. LAPRIL 8, I905. horribly incompetent even in inculcating ordinary cleanliness, for we find that the actual increase of septic deatbs from the pre-antiseptic period-t851 70-to the antiseptic period-188I-I900-is Do less than 6o per cent. In the pre-antiseptic days the general practitioner was not responsible for more than half (to put it high) of the births; he attended, say, 5,000 out of every io,0oo births, and 10st 7 from septic causes; to-day he attends
more » ... he attends certainly not more, and accordiDg to Dr. Dakin 108es 24. It takes some credulity to believe that the knowledge of antiseptics imparted by Dr. Dakin and his colleagues has increased the septicity of tile medical man threefold. Why does not Dr. Dakin bring forward some facts ? It is easy to ascertain how many of these
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.2310.800 fatcat:bgugsckmvvhj3b53wjkucicnry