Variabilité selon le captureur de l'efficacité de répulsifs à base d'huiles végétales dans la protection individuelle contre les piqûres deSimulium damnosums. l

M. Sylla, L. Konan, J.M.C. Doannio, S. Traoré
2002 Parasite  
EFFECT OF INDIVIDUAL ATTRACTION ON THE EFFICIENCY OF VEGETAL OILS AGAINST SLMUUUM DAMNOSUM S. L. BITES In Ivory Coast, treatments against black flies larva are Interrupted since December 1998 and these flies are back everywhere in abundance. They are now a severe source of discomfort, so it is therefore very important to propose to rural populations a personal protection method against their bites. This article is about the Individual attraction of fly boys on the efficiency of lotions and
more » ... of lotions and creams of the different repellents (coconut, palm nut, gobi). Our works were carried out in savanna zone (Niakaramandougoul and in forest zone (Soubre) in Ivory Coast. The methodology consisted in capturing black flies on volunteers whose legs were rubbed with repellent. Coconut, palm nut and gobi formulas (lotions and creams] were tested on Simulium damnosum s. I. During each session, which lasted from 07:00 am to 12:00 and from 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm, one person without repellent was used as a control person. The results show that the least efficient repellent (gobi| ensures nonetheless a reduction of 90 % of the number of bites that an individual would have received if he was not protected by the repellent. Experimentations allows to say that for a given repellent and formulas (lotion and cream), there is no significant difference between the number of Simulium damnosum s. I. bites received by fly boys.
doi:10.1051/parasite/2002094357 pmid:12514951 fatcat:3sfmigrajrbljjrkya2ygmwaoi