Influence of High-Density electropulsing treatment on the interface corrosion characteristics of 316L steel in Lead-Bismuth eutectic at 823 K

Shujian Tian, Jianwu Zhang, Yuying Wang, Yiyi Ma, Weishu Wang, V. Khaletski, T.Y. Fang
2019 E3S Web of Conferences  
In order to find an effective method to improve the corrosion resistance properties of the candidate structural materials for lead-alloy cooled fast reactors, the 316L steel was treated by high density single elec-tropulsing. And then the interface corrosion characteristics in stagnant lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) at 823 K for 1000 h were examined. The results show that electropulsing treatment (EPT) has a significant influence on microcosmic appearance and corrosion depth of the corroded
more » ... the corroded specimens. All the specimens were subjected to dissolution corrosion, but EPT with a current density of 1828 A mm-2 can improve obviously the corrosion resistance and reduce the extent of local corrosion of 316L in LBE. In addition, the corrosion depth of the 1828 A mm-2 EPT specimen decreases by 38%, compared with that of the non-EPT specimens.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/201913606022 fatcat:krjxyedezvbcbbm7vs2rmkopry