An Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Random Hamiltonian Path

Wei Zhang, Shuwen Wang, Weijie Han, Hai Yu, Zhiliang Zhu
2020 Entropy  
In graph theory, Hamiltonian path refers to the path that visits each vertex exactly once. In this paper, we designed a method to generate random Hamiltonian path within digital images, which is equivalent to permutation in image encryption. By these means, building a Hamiltonian path across bit planes can shuffle the distribution of the pixel's bits. Furthermore, a similar thought can be applied for the substitution of pixel's grey levels. To ensure the randomness of the generated Hamiltonian
more » ... erated Hamiltonian path, an adjusted Bernoulli map is proposed. By adopting these novel techniques, a bit-level image encryption scheme was devised. Evaluation of simulation results proves that the proposed scheme reached fair performance. In addition, a common flaw in calculating correlation coefficients of adjacent pixels was pinpointed by us. After enhancement, correlation coefficient becomes a stricter criterion for image encryption algorithms.
doi:10.3390/e22010073 pmid:33285848 fatcat:d2vpocx4pzfvnlwdgitk7uui4i