Aggressive pediatric hip fibromatosis with severe joint destruction. A case report
Fibromatosis agresiva infantil de cadera con destrucción articular grave. Reporte de caso

César Ruiz-Osuna, Myrna Lizeth Avila-Zamorano, Aramiz López-Durán, Miguel Garzón de la Mora, Agustín Isunza-Ramírez
Acta ortopédica mexicana  
Fibrous or desmoid tumors are grouped under the term fibromatosis; there are several groups; the pediatric aggressive form is rare, especially the pelvis and/or hip presentation. This causes a variable degree of destruction of the surrounding tissues. It is a diagnosis by exclusion and histopathologic testing; treatment is always surgical and conservative treatment is indicated only for special locations and/or patient conditions. This article reports a case of aggressive pediatric hip
more » ... iatric hip fibromatosis with severe joint destruction, as well as the work-up and management protocol followed at the National Pediatrics Institute Pediatric Orthopedics Service to approach bone tumors. No cases similar to this one have been reported.
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