Agrochemical Characterization of Soils from Cluj County

Stefan BAKOS, Marilena MARGHITAS
2014 Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca: Agriculture  
This paper refers to an area of 667,400 ha, of which 426,177 ha of agricultural land. This area is situated in the north western Romania, comprising 86 administrative territories from Cluj County. The authors present a brief description of pedologyc-climatic conditions with reference to the relief, geology, climate, hydrological description, factors which lead to the formation of the soil blanket. In its activity, Soil and Agrochemical Studies Of ice Cluj has conducted numerous pedologycal and
more » ... us pedologycal and agrochemical studies, including soil analysis. These studies have highlighted among other, the agrochemical parameters of soils in the mentioned area. Soil reaction: moderately to strong acidic more than 84,000 ha, 20,000 ha moderately alkaline and strongly alkaline over 500 ha, reserve of humus (0-50 cm) very small and small 147,000 ha, 118 ha moderate, high and very high 160,000 ha, low and very low in nitrogen content 319,000 ha, 54,000 ha medium, large and very large 52,000 ha, low and very low content of phosphorus over 323,000 ha, 82,000 ha medium, high and very high over 20,000 ha, low and very low content of potassium 18,000 ha, 134,000 ha medium, high and very high over 270,000 ha. Summarizing the above, we conclude that prevention of soil degradation from an agrochemical point of view, as well as improvement of fertility can be done only through profound knowledge and inventory of agrochemical characteristics of the soils.
doi:10.15835/buasvmcn-agr:10284 fatcat:absalynvvra6tkdipstk5gzfyi