Population dynamics of Pseudomonas sp. along a spatial gradient of phosphate: an experimental approach for spatial ecology

2000 Revista Brasileira de Biologia  
Many theoretical models have been proposed to study the effect of space on population dynamics and interactions, but most of them are difficult to translate into experimental setups due to their abstract nature. Here we defend the gradostat as a valuable experimental tool for testing such theories. The gradostat is a culture system with bi-directional flow that forms nutrient gradients at steady state. In this study, we use a 3-vessel gradostat with a phosphate gradient to study the effect of
more » ... udy the effect of spatial heterogeneity on the spatial distribution of Pseudomonas sp., an heterotrophic aquatic bacterium. The observed distributions partially agree with theoretical predictions, obtained from a mathematical model.
doi:10.1590/s0034-71082000000400014 fatcat:qjssitcjkrdqnde6hio77caj3e