Optimal control for generating excited state expansion in ring potential

Hoon Yu, Seung Jin Kim, Jung Bog Kim
2020 Open Physics  
AbstractWe applied an optimal control algorithm to an ultra-cold atomic system for constructing an atomic Sagnac interferometer in a ring trap. We constructed a ring potential on an atom chip by using an RF-dressed potential. A field gradient along the radial direction in a ring trap known as the dimple-ring trap is generated by using an additional RF field. The position of the dimple is moved by changing the phase of the RF field [1]. For Sagnac interferometers, we suggest transferring
more » ... ransferring Bose–Einstein condensates to a dimple-ring trap and shaking the dimple potential to excite atoms to the vibrational-excited state of the dimple-ring potential. The optimal control theory is used to find a way to shake the dimple-ring trap for an excitation. After excitation, atoms are released from the dimple-ring trap to a ring trap by adiabatically turning off the additional RF field, and this constructs a Sagnac interferometer when opposite momentum components are overlapped. We also describe the simulation to construct the interferometer.
doi:10.1515/phys-2020-0171 fatcat:ng6jatxejffi5dpb2fveygdkjm