Analysis and comparison of nutrient contents in different animal manures from Beijing suburbs

Zengling Yang, Lujia Ha
2013 Agricultural Sciences  
Manure samples were collected by floor scrapings in animal stables from Beijing suburbs. Total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP), and total potassium (TK) were analyzed by conventional wet chemical methods. All manures showed a high variability in nutrient contents. Nutrients contents in different animal manures were significantly different. TN and TK contents in layer manures were higher than swine and dairy manures (p < 0.001), and TP content in swine manures was higher than layer and
more » ... than layer and dairy manures (p < 0.001). Different nutrients contents were also significantly different. For all three types of manures, the TN content was the highest (p < 0.001), and TP content was higher than TK content significantly in swine manures (p < 0.001), while TK content was higher than TP content in layer manures (p = 0.01), and there was no significant difference between TK and TP contents in dairy manures (p = 0.208). Furthermore, the distribution characteristics of nutrient contents in different manures were studied.
doi:10.4236/as.2013.412a005 fatcat:zeco44ng55e2djgtz3jgbtfleq