К. Kasenkova, К. Kutsenko
2020 Komunalʹne Gospodarstvo Mìst  
The analysis of the influence of neuromarketing as a tool for marketing activities in the Internet environment, to increase the loyalty of tourists to tourism enterprises in the context of the service sector. The channels of percep-tion on which neuromarketing affects are analyzed and structured. Analyze different approaches to the definition of the essence of neuromarketing on which prompted the author's vision of the related concepts. The article considers the concept of neuromarketing and
more » ... uromarketing and its interpretation. Аn overview of neuromarketing tools, their advantages and disadvantages, and the possible scope of their application is given. The main problems of using neuromarketing tools are also discussed. The research points to the usefulness of neuromarketing at positioning the destination brand. Problems and prospects of using neuromarketing in the Internet space for promoting tourist services are con-sidered. Additionally, the complexity of neuromarketing research perception means that it is inadvisable to use the obtained data in isolation. It is proved that the perception of information on the Internet changes every year, as evidenced, for example, the so-called "banner blindness", new methods and communication channels are needed to support the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones. The areas where used neuromarketing: strategic instrumentary, neuromarketing research are considered and systematized. In addition, it has been proven that information that is provided without visual support is usually not perceived as effective. It has been proved that neuromarketing in symbiosis with traditional marketing methods and tools provides an opportunity to solve several the above problems. The appliance of neuromarketing tourism market research thus assumes a novel conceptual approach, one that quite differs from the standard. Keywords: neuromarketing, strategic marketing, internet marketing, marketing in tourism.
doi:10.33042/2522-1809-2020-2-155-23-28 fatcat:yrrc264xf5e4bmj75ab5tyvlou