A Conceptual Framework for the Personalization of Public Administration Services
공공행정서비스의 맞춤화 구현방안 연구

Sang-Wook Kim
2016 Journal of Digital Convergence  
of Citizen-Oriented)과 공급자 주도성(Degree of Government-Driven) 등 두 가지 기준으로 행정서비스 분류 틀을 개발 하고 각 분면별 특성과 구현요건을 제시하였다. 이와 함께 행정서비스의 개인화 수렴조건을 '3V', 즉 연계성 (Versatile), 선택성(Variety), 신속성(Velocity) 등 세 가지로 제시하고 분류 틀의 서비스 유형별 개인화 수렴조건이 어 떻게 충족될 수 있는지에 대한 설명과 개념적 사례, 그리고 정책적 시사점을 논의하였다. Abstract As the Internet is becoming more socialized, Korean government, publishing a slogan, Government 3.0, has recently began to find a way to deliver its administration services to the public in more personalized
more » ... personalized manner. Policy directions to implement this advanced idea, are however still at large, primarily because of the vague nature of 'personalized'. This study, therefore, explores the possibility of getting public administrative services closer to personalization. To achieve this objective, this study attempts to develop a integrative framework of classifying the administration services to the public, based on two dimensionsthe degree of citizen-oriented and the degree of government-driven, both of which are perhaps key determinants of personaliztion of services. For each quadrant of the framework, key features, characteristics, and conditions to be met are explained and followed by exemplary cases and policy implications.
doi:10.14400/jdc.2016.14.8.57 fatcat:l2jhy26ozbgrdfv5gro7cl45ti