Optimization of Grinding Parameters for the Workpiece Surface and Material Removal Rate in the Belt Grinding Process for Polishing and Deburring of 45 Steel

Fengping Li, Yao Xue, Zhengya Zhang, Wenlei Song, Jiawei Xiang
2020 Applied Sciences  
Surface roughness and the material removal rate (MRR) are two important indicators during the grinding process. The former determines the surface quality while the latter reflects the grinding efficiency directly. In this paper, the two indicators are taken into consideration simultaneously and differently by converting them into a comprehensive goal with using weighting objective method. A prediction model was established for each comprehensive goal with each different combination of surface
more » ... nation of surface roughness and MRR weighting coefficient. The optimal value of abrasive size, contact force, belt linear speed, and feed speed were obtained under different grinding situations by using a central composite design (CCD) combined with response surface analysis. The experimental results showed that the comprehensive goal can be used effectively as an indicator to control the grinding performance and improve the optimization process.
doi:10.3390/app10186314 fatcat:no6h6hpyzvcdthnqvxfe3vunvq