Effects of Manual Massage on Muscle-Specific Soreness and Single Leg Jump Performance After Downhill Treadmill Walking

Mark E. T Willems, Tudor Hale, Carley S. Wilkinson
2009 Medicina Sportiva  
This study examined the effect of massage on delayed onset muscle soreness of quadriceps muscles and single leg vertical jump performance after downhill treadmill walking. Methods: Seven moderately active females (age: 19 ± 1 yr, height: 168 ± 3 cm, body mass: 63.9 ± 5.5 kg) completed a 20 min downhill walk (speed: 6.4 km·h -1 , gradient: -25%) as they carried a load equal to 10% of their body mass followed by one leg receiving massage for 25 min. Before, 24, 48 and 72 hr after downhill
more » ... er downhill walking, delayed onset muscle soreness on a scale of 1-10 from rectus femoris (RF), vastus medialis (VM) and vastus lateralis (VL) muscles and changes in single leg vertical jump performance were measured for both legs. Results: Delayed onset muscle soreness was reduced by massage 48 hr post-exercise in the RF and VL (P<0.05) but not in the VM. Jumping performance of each leg declined after downhill walking (P<0.001). At 24 hours, jumping height was decreased by 19% and 21% in control and massaged leg, respectively (P<0.05). However, at 48 and 72 hr post-exercise, the massaged leg showed improved recovery in jumping performance. Conclusions: Reductions in delayed onset muscle soreness of quadriceps muscles by massage after downhill walking were muscle-specific. Massage improved functional recovery after downhill walking.
doi:10.2478/v10036-009-0011-8 fatcat:p4kebjb2mbb3xe7gelr7y6zfii