Detection of a 4 bp Mutation in the 3′UTR Region of Goat Sox9 Gene and Its Effect on the Growth Traits

Libang He, Yi Bi, Ruolan Wang, Chuanying Pan, Hong Chen, Xianyong Lan, Lei Qu
2020 Animals  
The SRY-type HMG box 9 (Sox9) gene plays an important role in chondrocyte development as well as changes in hypertrophic chondrocytes, indicating that Sox9 can regulate growth in animals. However, no studies to date have examined the correlation between variations in Sox9 and growth traits in goats. Here, we found a 4 bp indel in the 3′UTR of Sox9 and verified its association with growth traits in Shaanbei white cashmere goats (n = 1109). The frequencies of two genotypes (ID and II) were 0.397
more » ... nd 0.603, respectively, and polymorphic information content (PIC) values showed that the indel had a medium PIC (PIC > 0.25). The 4 bp indel was significantly correlated with body length (p = 0.006), heart girth (p = 0.001), and hip width (p = 4.37 × 10 −4). Notably, individuals with the ID genotype had significantly superior phenotypic traits compared with individuals bearing the II genotype. Hence, we speculated that the 4 bp indel is an important mutation affecting growth traits in goat, and may serve as an effective DNA molecular marker for marker-assisted selection in goat breeding programs.
doi:10.3390/ani10040672 pmid:32294879 fatcat:vx6kgosujjefrijlb3gbuymlui