Evaluation of Belgian clays for manufacturing compressed earth blocks

Lavie A. MANGO-ITULAMYA, Frédéric COLLIN, Pascal PILATE, Fabienne COURTEJOIE, Nathalie FAGEL
2019 Geologica Belgica  
This study aims to characterize Belgian clays in order to evaluate their use for manufacture of compressed earth blocks (CEB). Nineteen Belgian clay deposits were sampled in 56 sites and 135 samples were collected and analyzed. The analyses focus on the determination of particle size, plasticity, nature and mineralogy as the main characteristics for assessing the suitability of the raw clays to make CEB. These analyses allow for classifying the sampled clay deposits in three categories: clays
more » ... categories: clays that can be used unchanged to make CEB (2 clay deposits), clays that are suitable for the manufacture of CEB but require addition of sand and gravel particles (13 clay deposits) and clays that are suitable for the manufacture of CEB if they are mixed with other raw clays (4 clay deposits). In order to verify the use of these clays, five of them served as a model for making CEB. The strength of these bricks was evaluated by testing for compressive strength and abrasion resistance. The results of these tests confirm the suitability or not of the sampled clays for the manufacture of CEB.
doi:10.20341/gb.2019.002 fatcat:mpxialdpgng5vchr4dnj2trljq