Fehim Terzić
2012 Metodički obzori/Methodological Horizons  
A b s t r a c t The training program "Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking" (RWCT) represents a comprehensive approach and introduction of a new methodology that promotes active, independent learning and critical thinking. RWCT methods include research strategies, creative thinking, cooperative learning, discussion and debate, writing as a tool of personal expression and a teaching aid. In Bosnia and Herzegovina this training is conducted by COI "Step by Step" from Sarajevo, and training
more » ... evo, and training is also attended by the teachers from the Zenica-Doboj Canton. The basic training objectives are: developing teachers' competence for the implementation of the ERR framework system and various forms of cooperative learning as contemporary strategies that contribute to the development of students' critical thinking. This paper's objective is to examine whether the attitudes of students in elementary school are positive or negative if we talk about the role and importance of the ERR framework system and cooperative learning in the process of acquiring knowledge. The following methods were used in the study: theoretical analysis, the descriptive-analytical methods and survey method. The instrument comprised a specially designed assessment scale for students (SPU). The study results contribute to the affirmation of modern teaching and learning strategies such as the ERR framework system and cooperative learning because they contribute to the cognitive, conative and affective development of students and strengthen their competences for the 21 st century.
doi:10.32728/mo.07.1.2012.04 fatcat:5rlfy6a77bcfbmrabyq35ds5qa