Networks of superconducting nano-puddles in 1/8 doped YBa2Cu3O6.5 +ycontrolled by thermal manipulation

Alessandro Ricci, Nicola Poccia, Gaetano Campi, Francesco Coneri, Luisa Barba, Gianmichele Arrighetti, Maurizio Polentarutti, Manfred Burghammer, Michael Sprung, Martin v Zimmermann, Antonio Bianconi
2014 New Journal of Physics  
While it is known that the nature and the arrangement of defects in complex oxides have an impact on the material functionalities little is known on control of superconductivity by oxygen interstitial organization in cuprates. Here we report direct compelling evidence for the control of Tc, by manipulation of the superconducting granular networks of nanoscale puddles, made of ordered oxygen stripes, in a single crystal of YBa2Cu3O6.5+y with average formal hole doping p close to 1/8. Upon
more » ... to 1/8. Upon thermal treatments we were able to switch from a first network of oxygen defects striped puddles with OVIII modulation (qOVIII(a*)=(h+3/8,k,0) and qOVIII(a*)=(h+5/8,k,0)), to second network characterized by OXVI modulation (qOXVI(a*)=(h+7/16,k,0) and qOXVI(a*)=(h+9/16,k,0)), and finally to a third network with puddles of OV periodicity (qOV(a*)=(4/10,1,0) and qOV(a*)=(6/10,1,0)). We map the microscopic spatial evolution of the out of plane OVIII, OXVI and OV puddles nano-size distribution via scanning micro-diffraction measurements. In particular, we calculated the number of oxygen chains (n) and the charge density (holes concentration p) inside each puddle, analyzing areas of 160x80 {\mu}m2, and recording 12800 diffraction patterns to reconstruct each spatial map. The high spatial inhomogeneity shown by all the reconstructed spatial maps reflects the intrinsic granular structure that characterizes cuprates and iron-chalcogenides, disclosing the presence of several complex networks of coexisting superconducting domains with different lattice modulations, charge density and different gaps like in the proposed multi-gaps scenario called superstripes.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/16/5/053030 fatcat:ol5u7fr7x5dfvnsgoe33trmnfm