Original research-Orijinal araştırma The self-esteem, autonomy level of the elderly staying in the rest homes and the relation between two variables Huzurevinde kalan yaşlıların benlik saygısı, otonomi düzeyleri ve iki değişken arasındaki ilişki

Şerife Karagözoğlu, Ayşe Arıkan, Nigar İnan, Zeynep Höyük, Assoc Karagözoğlu, Assist Arıkan
2013 Cumhuriyet Medical Journal Cumhuriyet Med J   unpublished
Aim. Self-esteem and autonomy are the concepts that are very important in old age. This descriptive and cross-sectional study was carried out to determine the self-esteem and autonomy level of the elderly staying in the rest homes and the relation between them. Methods. The sample of the study was composed of a total 80 old people living in the two rest homes in the centre of Sivas city. The data have been obtained by using Personal Information Form prepared by the researchers depending on the
more » ... s depending on the literature and directed to determining the socio-demographic qualities of the elderly people, Coopersmith Self Esteem Inventory (SEI) and "General Autonomy (GA)" part of Sociotropy-Autonomy Scale (SAS). Results. According to the findings of the study, self-esteem mean score of the elderly is 37.35±2.25 and general autonomy mean score is 52.07±11.00. In our study we found statistically significant l differences between the elderly people's SEI mean score and their marital status, and also between their independent decision ability and their SEI and GA mean scores (p<0.05). Conclusion. When it has been taken into consideration that the score range of Self-Esteem Inventory is 0-100 and that of Sociotropy-Autonomy Scale is 0-120, it can be said that self-esteem and autonomy levels of the elderly included in our study are low. aAweak positive relation was found between the SEI and GA mean score of the elderly (r=0.418, p<0.05). In this context, as the self-esteem levels of the elderly taking part in the study decrease, the autonomy levels also decrease.