Temporary Public Space for Malta Festival Poznan in POLAND

Atelier Starzak Strebicki
2017 Landscape Architecture Frontiers  
Landscape architecture Frontiers / thematic practices 111 摘要 该项目旨在柔化自由广场巨大的体量感,营造宜人尺度 的广场空间。自由广场主要由混凝土铺装而成,缺少绿化,在 严寒酷暑之际,很少会有人在此驻足。而马耳他艺术节则倡导 恢复传统的街头戏剧,自由广场正是借助这一契机成为了备受 欢迎的公共空间。广场占地面积超过4 000m 2 ,通过将其划分 成较小的分区,并在各个分区中设计多姿多彩的活动,广场空 间变得更加友好且适宜各年龄层的人群使用。圆形或长方形的 桌椅、防水软垫等不同类型的城市小品,界定出了特定的功能 区域,包括儿童区、临时咖啡厅和餐厅、音乐和戏剧舞台,以 及工作坊。由此,自由广场成为了激发社区活力的城市空间的 设计典范。 关键词 临时公共空间;城市生活;城市更新;社区活力 AbstrAct The aim of the project was to change the monumental scale of Liberty Square into human scale. During summer and
more » ... er, Liberty Square remains unused, where the concrete surface as well as the lack of greenery curbs the spontaneous actions of city dwellers. In the frame of Generator Malta, an initiative undertaking the tradition of street theater, the square is changed into a lively public realm. Dividing this large area (more than 4,000 m 2 ) into smaller zones and designing places for particular activities helped to establish accessible friendly space for everyone. Different types of urban furniture, including round or rectangular tables and benches, and soft waterproof pillows, help define specific zones for children, temporary café and restaurant, music and theater stage, and workshop space. In effect, the Liberty Square becomes a prototype of an urban interior of community activation.
doi:10.15302/j-laf-20170511 fatcat:5aryghoovbebnfktfqguwleu5q