International Journal of Transformations in Business Management AWARNESS AND EDUCATION FOR THE SOLID-WASTE PROGRAM IN INDIA

#shashi Kaushal, Dr, Rajender Joshi
2011 International Journal of Transformations in Business Management (IJTBM)   unpublished
With the progress of civilization, the waste generated became of a more complex nature. At the end of the 19th century the industrial revolution saw the rise of the world of consumers. Not only did the air get more and more polluted but the earth itself became more polluted with the generation of no biodegradable solid waste. The increase in population and urbanization was also largely responsible for the increase in solid waste. Each household generates garbage or waste day in and day out.
more » ... in and day out. Items that we no longer need or do not have any further use for fall in the category of waste, and we tend to throw them away. There are different types of solid waste depending on their source. In today's polluted world, learning the correct methods of handling the waste generated has become essential. Segregation is an important method of handling municipal solid waste. Segregation at source can be understood clearly by representation. One of the important methods of managing and treating wastes is composting.