Symbol analysis of intangible heritage Miao paintings in Xiangxi of China [post]

Yifeng Liu
2020 unpublished
Intangible heritage Miao Paintings in Xiangxi is a Chinese symbol with great ethnic characteristics and a Chinese memory and living cultural gene worthy of further analysis. Its material form is a living manifestation of the Miao folk culture, and its material surface contains a narration of the national spirit. Its image symbols have magical powers of good fortune, awe, and imitation of natural objects and show the deepest spiritual core of the primitive Miao people. The construction of its
more » ... struction of its symbolic system and the expression of its image show its direct transcendence of fatalism over the cycle of human life and death. The daily functions of Xiangxi Miao paintings have been gradually marginalized. Simultaneously, their additional functions (aesthetic and symbolic functions) have become increasingly prominent and show a vague value. This appearance from prosperity to decline represents the historical fate of the end of the agricultural era.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:5aafvkfzobe7xnrdd43gfqqebm