Evaporation-assisted formation of surface patterns from polymer solutions via copper tubes

W. Sun, F. Q. Yang
2018 eXPRESS Polymer Letters  
Surface patterns with controllable features are constructed via the evaporation of an acetone solution of poly (methyl methacrylate) under the confinement of a copper tube. The effects of the dimensions of copper tube and the substrate temperature on the surface patterns are systematically studied. For the substrate temperature in the range of 30 to 50°C, the surface patterns are concentric rings consisting of waved rings and/or linked beads. The wavelength of the concentric rings decreases
more » ... rings decreases with the increase of the height of copper tube, and is dependent on the substrate temperature. At the substrate temperature of 20°C, surface patterns are presented in wrinkling-like shape. At the substrate temperature of 10°C, 'breath figure' phenomenon occurs, and 'hole network' patterns are formed. A summary of the geometrical characteristics of the surface patterns is given, which can be used to better design and control evaporation-induced surface patterns.
doi:10.3144/expresspolymlett.2018.60 fatcat:tugizqj44bakxegcmtafz4am3q