Study of Activity Tracking through Bluetooth Low Energy-Based Network

Nasreen Mohsin, Shahram Payandeh, Derek Ho, Jean Pierre Gelinas
2019 Journal of Sensors  
This paper proposes a proof-of-concept, low-cost, and easily deployable Bluetooth low energy- (BLE-) based localization system which actively scans and localizes BLE beacons attached to mobile subjects in a room. Using the received signal strength (RSS) of a BLE signal and the uniqueness of BLE hardware addresses, mobile subjects can be identified and localized within the hospital room. The RSS measurement of the BLE signal from a wearable BLE beacon varies with distance to the wall-anchored
more » ... he wall-anchored BLE scanner. In order to understand and demonstrate the practicality of the relationship between RSS of a BLE beacon and the distance of a beacon from a scanner, the first part of the paper presents the analysis of the experiments conducted in a low-noise and nonreflective environment. Based on the analysis conducted in an ideal environment, the second half of the paper proposes a data-driven localization process for pinpointing the movements of the subject within the experimental room. In order to ensure higher accuracy like fingerprinting techniques and handle the increased number of BLE-anchored scanners like geometric techniques, the proposed algorithm was designed to combine the best aspects of these two techniques for better localization. The paper evaluates the effects of the number of BLE wall-mounted scanners and the number of packets on the performance of the proposed algorithm. The proposed algorithm locates the patient within the room with error less than 1.8 m. It also performs better than other classical approaches used in localization.
doi:10.1155/2019/6876925 fatcat:edp2n6nuqrb73jjoedq7khoo3q