Added Value of Plants Combination: Paraserianthes Falcatria and Oriza Sativa at the Community Forest in Kapuas District, Indonesia

Wahyudi Wahyudi
2019 Journal of Business Management and Economic Research  
This research was aimed to compare the plant combination of Paraserianthes falcataria and Oriza sativa and monocultural plantation of Paraserianthes falcataria in order to increase land productivity in Kapuas District. This research consisted of two treatments and each treatment consisted of 17 plots. Data were analysed using homogenity test and analysis of variance using SPSS 20.0. Research was conducted in the community forest project areas in Kapuas District, Central Kalimantan Province in
more » ... antan Province in 2017 to 2018. The result showed that at the first year, growth of dbh and height of Paraserianthes falcataria in plants combination system were 5.44 cm and 5.25 m respectively, whereas monocultural system were just 3.79 cm and 3.53 m respectively. Plants combination system also produced rice namely 3.05 ton ha -1 in the first year. Thereby, the plants combination of Paraserianthes falcataria and Oriza sativa is better than monocultural plantation of Paraserianthes falcataria. This is the best system to increasing land productivity thereby it was give more added value for increasing income and prosperity of local peoples at Kapuas District, Central Kalimantan.
doi:10.29226/tr1001.2019.130 fatcat:eoslyvdekvburiwjv6obn3j3iq