XII.—Notice of a specimen of chlorobromide of silver from Chili

Colonel Philip Yorke
1852 Quarterly Journal of the Chemical Society of London  
The specimen to which this notice relates WZLS brought fmm Chili by Vice-Admiral Sir Gedrge Seymour, G.C.H. lpt wass ad ir=gda* mass, weighing very nearly 601bs. Its general aspect was &at of a red ochraceous substance, which here and there contained portions O€ quartz. On clo& examination, however, the mass was found to be partially. coated,. and hi sewral direCkiOhS traversed, by vans of a *' J. Pharm. [33.V, 468, and idem XVII, 46.
doi:10.1039/qj8520400149 fatcat:pukba46v6zhazh3b2qiynsstlq