Spatial co-transformation through socio-cultural resilience strategies in post-conflict divided Nicosia

Huriye Gurdalli
2018 International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences  
When the political and ethnic conflict results with the division of cities, the issue of urban resilience is more than everyday debate. Nicosia has been reputed as the last divided capital city in Europe where the Buffer Zone formalized in 1974 by the UN control, broke the social and spatial integrity. Although the political solution is not achieved for a united Nicosia, the initiative founded jointly by the professionals from north and south sides created a unique solution for the city.
more » ... the physical planning strategies achieved by the Nicosia Master Plan (NMP) were still limited as the city was far from being shared socially and culturally by the citizens. The opening of the Ledra Gate on one of the main axis of the urban core in 2008 was accepted as a milestone. The freedom of movement made the citizens feel as if they belonged to an urban unity. With the hope of developing socioeconomic daily interactions, NGOs on both sides have stepped to the arena to strengthen the physical success of the NMP. This paper explores the reproduction of urban space concentrating on the efforts of professionals and citizens rather than the states for the resilience of a once contested space. The analysis is based on verbal and visual records. It focuses on the process where a divide is turned to be perceived as a shared space and by exemplifying the unique example of Nicosia, aims to put out an insight into post-conflict spatial and social transformation.
doi:10.21833/ijaas.2018.01.018 fatcat:lab7xcaqmnhpdfodo4a2scnxaq