Can Tsallis Distribution Fit All the Particle Spectra Produced at RHIC and LHC?

H. Zheng, Lilin Zhu
2015 Advances in High Energy Physics  
The Tsallis distribution has been tested to fit all the particle spectra at mid-rapidity from central events produced in d + Au, Cu + Cu, and Au + Au collisions at RHIC and p + Pb, Pb + Pb collisions at LHC. Even though there are strong medium effects in Cu + Cu and Au + Au collisions, the results show that the Tsallis distribution can be used to fit most of particle spectra in the collisions studied except in Au + Au collisions where some deviations are seen for proton andΛat lowpT. In
more » ... t lowpT. In addition, as the Tsallis distribution can only fit part of the particle spectra produced in Pb + Pb collisions wherepTis up to 20 GeV/c, a new formula with one more fitting degree of freedom is proposed in order to reproduce the entirepTregion.
doi:10.1155/2015/180491 fatcat:vodm6unh3bdphg3ynjxrr3decq