The Classification of Magic SET Squares

Eric Chen, William Du, Tanmay Gupta, Alicia Li, Srikar Mallajosyula, Rohith Raghavan, Arkajyoti Sinha, Maya Smith, Matthew Qian, Samuel Wang, Tanya Khovanova
2020 Recreational Mathematics Magazine  
AbstractA magic SET square is a 3 by 3 table of SET cards such that each row, column, diagonal, and anti-diagonal is a set. We allow the following transformations of the square: shuffling features, shuffling values within the features, rotations and reflections of the square. Under these transformations, there are 21 types of magic SET squares. We calculate the number of squares of each type. In addition, we discuss a game of SET tic-tac-toe.
doi:10.2478/rmm-2020-0005 fatcat:sx2zpgyxijc6zgt53suxgbjwcq