Inferring the location of authors from words in their texts [article]

Max Berggren, Jussi Karlgren, Robert Östling, Mikael Parkvall
2016 arXiv   pre-print
For the purposes of computational dialectology or other geographically bound text analysis tasks, texts must be annotated with their or their authors' location. Many texts are locatable through explicit labels but most have no explicit annotation of place. This paper describes a series of experiments to determine how positionally annotated microblog posts can be used to learn location-indicating words which then can be used to locate blog texts and their authors. A Gaussian distribution is used
more » ... to model the locational qualities of words. We introduce the notion of placeness to describe how locational words are. We find that modelling word distributions to account for several locations and thus several Gaussian distributions per word, defining a filter which picks out words with high placeness based on their local distributional context, and aggregating locational information in a centroid for each text gives the most useful results. The results are applied to data in the Swedish language.
arXiv:1612.06671v1 fatcat:32d4ncvh5zbvtayiouommehbi4