Pengembangan Buku Dongeng Berbasis Sainsmatika untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Berpikir Kreatif dan Karakter Bersahabat (Development of Science-Based Fairy Tales Book to Improve Creative Thinking Ability and Friendly Characters)

Agnestasia Ramadhani Putri, Ali Mustadi
2019 SEJ (Science Education Journal)  
This research aims to develop an instructional material to improve students' creative thinking and friendliness. This study was developmental research applying the R&D model of Borg & Gall. The subjects were 124 fourth grade students in Yogyakarta Special Region, Gunungkidul. The data collected through interviews, tests, observations, and questionnaires. The appropriateness of the sainsmatika-based fairy tale book was ana- lyzed qualitatively and the effectiveness of it analyzed using a one-way
more » ... zed using a one-way MANOVA test at the significance level of 5%. The findings were as follows: (1) the appropriateness of the sainsmatika-based story tale book gets good category scores for the mathematical content aspect and very good category scores for the science content, media and lan- guage aspect also get very good category score from student-teacher responses. (2) The score of the effectiveness test using one-way MANOVA is 0,000<0.05. Therefore, sainsmatika-based story tale book is able to improve students' creative thinking skills and friendliness.
doi:10.21070/sej.v2i2.2437 fatcat:xsu6dqgwhzbmvkid56unpwlefu