Highly expressed host genes in the cells of monkeys infected with SARS-Cov2 - eukaryotic translation elongation factors, cathepsin L, galectin, vimentin [post]

Sandeep Chakraborty
2020 unpublished
A recent pre-print has used Nanopore sequencing to 'describe aspects of coronavirus evolutionary genetics revealed from these data, and provide the first direct RNA sequence of SARS-CoV-2, detailing coronavi- ral subgenome-length mRNA architecture' [1]. They have analyzed reads matching to the SARS-Cov2. Here (Table 1) I analyze reads matching to the host cell (ignoring ribosomal genes) - the full list is in SI:hostgeneexpression.txt.
doi:10.31219/osf.io/uf7ej fatcat:o5e6fakjejfhplclu5dpkjybe4