Jefferson-Ratekin Seed Company, the house of good seeds, 33rd year [book]

1917 unpublished
No doubt many of you have been waiting and watching for our 1917 Seed Catalog, long before you have received this-wondering why we did not send it. The reason, briefly stated is this: Our company has been going through a process or reorganization and the removal of our mail order headquarters from Shenandoah, where we begun the mail order Seed trade thirty-three years ago, to Jefferson, Greene County, Iowa, which is located 100 miles north and 100 miles east of our original location, very near
more » ... ocation, very near the center of the state, which brings us into closer proximity with our northern Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, southern Wisconsin, Minnesota and Dakota customers, while all other advantages growing, shipping, railroads and express companies are equal in every respect and superior in many. At the same time this change gives us equal facilities for reaching all our southern trade and customers either by mail, express or freight that obtained at Shenandoah. But notwithstanding this change and reorganization, the Ratekin Seed House of Shenandoah will be continued, but will be confined strictly to the Wholesale trade in Seed Corn and farm seeds, in car load lots and less, with Seedsmen, Dealers and the trade in general. The New Seed House or firm will be known under the name of The Jefferson-Ratekin Seed Company Address, Jefferson, Iowa By reason of this change and reorganization, and the separation of the mail order trade from our Wholesale business, we are glad indeed to inform our two hundred thousand or more customers and friends everywhere that the reorganized new company will continue to have the same competent Seedsmen at its head and management and who have been at the head of the old or original company for the past thirty-three years and will be in better shape, with better and more modern facilities to fill your orders than ever before and in connection with this we wish to say that we have always considered the selling and sending out of seeds, to thousands of people we never seen or expect to see, as something more than the mere barter of common merchandise. But a matter of confidence, the foundation of which is and must be on the basis of honor and "A Square Deal" to all. In fact, the sale of seeds is unlike almost any other merchandise, from the fact that unless you receive LOCATED IN GREENE COUNTY. IOWA., THE HEART OF THE CORN BELT Jefferson Ratekin Seed (o. GROWERS OF FARM FIELD AND GARDEN SEEDS <Jefferson . lowa. Dear Friend: We wish to announce that we have purchased the Mailing List, Seed Stocks, etc., of the Batekin Seed House, of Shenandoah, Iowa, that concern having gone out of the retail seed business and given over their entire retail mail order seed business to this firm, which will be known as The Jef f erson-Ratekin Seed Co. of Jefferson, Iowa. J. W. Ratekin has entirely severed his connection with The Ratekin Seed House of Shenandoah and is now president of this firm. The Jef f erson-Ratekin Seed Co. is not a branch of The Ratekin Seed House, of Shenandoah, nor is it connected with any other concern, but is a separate and individual corporation, owned and controlled by the people of Jefferson, Iowa. Here is our Seed Catalog and Farm Guide for 1917. We are thankful for the privilege of sending it to you and we hope you will be please with it. We have spent a lot of time in writing it and have endeavored to make it clear and easy to understand, as well as truthful and reliable. We want you to look our catalog over carefully. You will find that it contains a lot of useful information on the growing of Farm, Field and Grass Seed crops. Our seeds are all fresh, new crop grown and can be relied upon to give you profitable results. Many of the Farm Seeds, as well as varieties of Seed Corn, are either grown by us or under contract for us, and from seed which we personally know to be of absolute, pure stock. The Garden Seeds we offer are grown for us by experts in the different localities where the best seed can be produced, according to the climate and soil. All are grown from pure, carefully selected stocks and the greatest care taken in cleaning, sorting, etc., to keep them absolutely pure and unmixed. In sending you our catalog it is our aim to put before you the VERY BEST of everything in the seed line, and at the same time make our prices in line with your ideas. 1917 promises to be a great year for farming and prosperity was never greater, however, seeds of many varieties are scarce this year and prices may advance before Spring. Order your seeds now and be sure of having them on hand when Spring and Planting time arrive. Don't hesitate in sending us your order. We ship all seed on ten days approval of purchaser and if not satisfactory, back goes your money. Our reputation is back of every seed sent out by us. Before making up your order, if there are samples of seeds you would like to see, be free to write us. We will be pleased to send you samples of Farm and Field Seeds, also shelled samples of Seed Corn, free of charge. We want your order, if only a trial order, and will try to treat and serve you in a prompt and satisfactory manner. GM/HLB Very respectfully, JEFFERSON-RATEKIN SEED CO. Manage r Premiums Each year we put up thousands of packets of new or particularly desirable varieties of seeds for free distribution to our customers. We will send these out with the seeds ordered by you and will treat you liberally in this respect. We but try to please our customers. Sirs: East March, through the kindness of a neighbor, one of your ©^catalogues came under my notice. I desired some seeds, and included in the order sent you 15 cents for a package of RATEKIN'S NAMELESS TOMATO. I planted half of the package, putting part of the seeds in a hot bed and some in a box, in the house. Soon the seeds were up. I believe I am safe in saying every seed germinated. We set out 300 plants, besides giving freely of plants to several of our neighbors. While we have had a little better crops this year than last, yet at times, our garden has suffered badly from lack of moisture, but our tomatoes yielded so bountifully; they more than satisfied our expectations. We have used many bushels in our family, eaten them every way, for we are fond of such a luscious vegetable. We have also canned over 90 quarts, made several gallons of catsup, and preserves and sold bushels of tomatoes. Our tomatoes were the first home grown on the market, for which we received 5 cents per lb. We gave a liberal supply of our first ripe ones to our friends, who wondered at our success, in ripening them so early. We have plenty to use yet, and an abundance of green ones for pickling. Can truthfully say our little investment in the "Nameless Tomato" seed, yielded us the best and biggest returns of anything grown this season, in our garden. In conclusion would suggest "JUNE DELIGHT," as an appropriate name for the NAMELESS TOMATO. Hoping to be a successful contestant, with best wishes for your future prosperity, I remain, Sincerely yours, MRS. GEORGE McELWAIN, Eldorado Springs, Mo. SEE PARCEL POST, EXPRESS AND FREIGHT RATES AND CHARGES ON NEXT PAGE. 2 JEFFERSON-RATEKIN SEED CO., JEFFERSON, IOWA Express and Parcel Post Rates . F,or th® convenience and information of those who wish to order in larger quantities of seeds than we have quoted "postpaid herein. Bear in mind, however, that we pay the postage or express charges, unless otherwise noted, on all packet, ounce, % lb., lb., pound; half pint, pint and quart quantities of garden and flower seeds, also on all farm seeds where quoted by pound or more "POSTPAID" at prices quoted per lb. prepaid.
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