Stratigraphic Correlation between Subsurface Maastrichtian Digma Formation and Safra Unit from Outcrop Sections, Western Desert of Iraq

Ibrahim Q. Mohammed, Fadhil A. Lawa
2017 International journal of geosciences  
In this work we try to clarify, and correlate between two Maastrichtian aged units, namely Digma and Safra Units from selected sections in western desert of Iraq. Taking in consideration the stratigraphic code of NASCENT (2005), and the results of previous studies, nine criteria have been used for the correlation, as follow: 1-From lithostratigraphic point of view, Digma Formation (Fm.
doi:10.4236/ijg.2017.89068 fatcat:nclv2adsvjdgpapsxfqkefokdi