Prepare a catalyst consist of rare earth minerals to denitrate via NH3-SCR

Jian Wang, Chao Zhu, Baowei Li, Zhijun Gong, Zhaolei Meng, Guodong Xu, Wenfei Wu
2020 Green Processing and Synthesis  
To research the roles of rare earth minerals in denitrification via the NH3-SCR, a mixture was made by certain ratio of rare earth concentrates and rare earth tailings, then treated by microwave roasting, and acids and bases to form a denitrification catalyst. The mineral phase structure and surface morphology of the catalyst were characterized by XRD, BET, SEM and EDS. The surface properties of the catalyst were tested by TPD and XPS methods, and the denitrification activity of the catalyst
more » ... of the catalyst was evaluated in a denitrification reactor. The results showed that the denitrification efficiency increased up to 82% with complete processing. XRD, BET, SEM, and EDS spectrum analysis stated that the treated minerals contained cerium oxides and Fe−Ce composite oxides. The surface of the modified minerals became rough and porous, the surface area increased, and the surface-active sites were exposed. The results of NH3-TPD and NO-TPD showed that the catalyst surface could gradually adsorb more NH3 and NO after each step. XPS analysis indicated that there were more Ce3+, Fe2+, and lattice oxygen in rare earth minerals catalyst after each treatment step.
doi:10.1515/gps-2020-0020 fatcat:4lh5jdmcwjdpzl7vqilfw2zbaa